AXM Foundation - Our History

The AXM is Foundation has been established to deliver one of Haydn Pope’s final wishes.

Setup by Haydn's family, Stuart Donnelly and Karen Richards, their vision and hard work has helped build the Foundation to what it is today and keep Haydn's legacy alive.

The Foundation consists of seven trustees - Paul Kershaw , Karen John , Andy Wade , Terry Gold , Debbie Redhead , John Harvey & Paul Harper

The charity is staffed purely by volunteers and none of the Board of Trustees work for the AXM Club. The organisation is the ‘AXM Foundation’ rather than the ‘Haydn Pope Foundation’ as that would have been the last thing Haydn would have wanted.

As much as Haydn was a loud, colourful and sometimes controversial character over the years he helped numerous people that were struggling or needed support in getting to their next chapter in life.

He cared deeply about his team and over the years helped keep many on the ‘straight and narrow’ and always gave valuable advice, support and direction. Haydn could always see the best in people when others couldn’t.

He helped people out in the past that others had given up on and with his unique style of support, turned them around and put them in a better place, creating a success story.

As well as individuals, Haydn has helped many Greater Manchester based LGBTQ+ community projects and events over the years.

So what is the AXM foundation?
The AXM Foundation will help LGBTQ+ groups and individuals in Greater Manchester in the areas of Health, Poverty, People, Community and Entrepreneurialism.

The Foundations’ aim is to raise over £10,000 each year from various fund raising activities through sporting events, club nights, a village calendar, AXM Foundation nights and reaching out to Haydn’s business friends across Great Manchester.

Haydn never underestimated people and always looked for the best in them.

Haydn’s legacy will live on through the Foundation. AXM Foundation, Never Underestimate!

Who was Haydn Pope?

Haydn was many things to many people, not just a loving son, brother and uncle; which to be honest are terms of endearment that could be used to describe the majority of the male population on this planet.

The true measure of a person is the relationships they forge outside of their family circle. This is where Haydn's light shone brightest, a true friend, confidant and mentor to so many people it never fails to humble us as a family. Fiercely loyal, principled, he stood up for what he believed was right and who he believed was right. Someone you would definitely want in your corner when the chips were down

Now let’s take off them rose tinted glasses for a moment; he was an outrageous gossip who loved nothing more than being in the centre of a drama, which in most cases was instigated by him! He was obstinate, bombastic, never wrong and always up for a good argument. His black list was notorious, he added names when people pissed him off then patiently ticked names off as he enacted his revenge.

In business, he was infamous for sailing close to the wind, too close on some occasions, the now legendary 'locking of bailiffs inside a club to stop them removing assets' story is just one example on his 'fly by the seat of your pants' approach to business. He experienced success, then failure, then success, then failure and finally the success he so rightly deserved, leaving a legacy that he was immensely proud of.

Haydn was well known for his selflessness and generosity, if he was in a position to help you out then he would. The work Haydn did during his short life for the LGBTQ community in Manchester is well documented, he worked tirelessly, not for personal or financial gain but to improve the lives of the LGBTQ community in Manchester.

He saw potential in people, recognised vulnerability and need for support. He believed if you could help yourself you should, but if you needed help, it should be available. There were times in his life when he needed support and a helping hand to get him back on to his feet.  This is why the AXM Foundation is a fitting tribute to Haydn.

As his family, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.


The Foundation is a non for profit organisation